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Island of Lost Souls

Story 2: Island of Paradise Lost Series

Island of Lost Souls

David Jackson

The Island of Lost Souls is the second story in the Island of Paradise Lost series. Below is the blurb from this second book.

Adam Falconer, having completed his mission and secured a fortune in gold for the Crown, finds himself summoned to Hatfield House to be briefed in person by Queen Elizabeth I on another dangerous venture.

Animosity with Spain and the failed counter-Armada of 1589 have le England even more imperilled. At the Rose Theatre in London, Kit Marlowe and William Shakespeare are creating masterpieces of theatre, while fear of devilry and subterfuge stalks every London street. Adam finds himself coming increasingly under the carnal spell of the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, Audrey Shelton, as she plays o the Queen’s ambitious adviser, the younger Thomas Walsingham against power broking rivals Lord Burghley and his son, Robert Cecil.

Evelyn Morningstar lives in current day Cumbria and has handed in her notice at the Westmorland Gazette as she comes to terms with an inexplicable illness. e appearance in her life of Adam Falconer has presented her with both the possibility of a cure and the adventure of a lifetime as she, a girl in her twenties, comes to terms with the fact that her lover is a man who is over four hundred years old. The source of his immortality is a mysterious island which he had vowed never to revisit. Setting out into the Atlantic, the couple face death in many guises even before a tempest strikes their catamaran, ‘Sea Witch’.

Survival becomes paramount as Adam and Evelyn face the strange reality of the mysterious Island at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle in a story that entwines Elizabethan England with the legacy le by the Island’s Creator. e Island’s inhabitants and broader human race teeter on the brink of imminent catastrophe and yet it all seems quite matter-of-fact to Cassandra, who oversees a library contained within a universal Tree of Knowledge.

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Front Cover for Book 2


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