Filiatro Beach

Filiatro Beach

Ithaca Greece


Autumnal Day at Ravenglass

Autumnal Day at Ravenglass

Ravenglass, Cumbria


Delamere House at Sunset

Delamere House at Sunset

Set in the heart of Hertfordshire


The Island of Paradise Lost

The Island of Paradise Lost

A visual narrative


Art-Amis Archive: Bugz

Art-Amis Archive: Bugz

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Cook Islands Paintings:

Cook Islands Paintings:

Artists Sketchbook


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Island Round 2
Cook Islands Paintings

David Jackson

A collection of pastel studies from a trip to the Cook Islands, all recorded by the artist in a single leather-bound book. This scenic series of drawings convey the island’s beauty through the artist’s eyes.

Island of Paradise Lost

David Jackson

The Island of Paradise Lost is a series of paintings that form the narrative of a story set on a fictional island, “a sort of garden meets El Dorado sort of place”. The story focuses on nature, history, humans and their need for religion.


David Jackson & Malcolm Fryer

Epic Science fiction story going back to the beginnings of our universe. All this is set in 2042 with climate change and food shortages being a petty nothing compared to the imminent annihilation of the planet by rival alien beings.

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Discover the artworks of our artists.

We have a vast range of works to explore, from oil paintings and pastel drawings to novels and literature. Get to know our artists through their profiles, and in-turn begin to explore and understand their creations.

Discover our artists

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Get to know our artists through their profiles, and in-turn begin to explore and understand their creations.
We have a vast range of works to explore, and they all come from these brilliant artists.

Our Artists / David Jackson
David Jackson
Author & Artist
Our Artists / Malcom Fryer
Malcolm Fryer
Artist - Painter
Island Paintings Sketchbook

David Jackson, 2019

Latest Artist News

We are pleased to announce that David Jackson has been entered into Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2021. The above five painting by the artist will be judged by a panel of leading artists, creators and curators. The best of luck to David Jackson on these wonderful submissions.

History of Art-Amis

Our Journey

Art-Amis was conceived in 2000 as a site which put Art and Friendship at the focus of its being.

The Journey Begins


At the turn of the millennium naively I had little thought about the emergence of the digital age. Most of the older generation grew up with no computers. A jigsaw was something you entertained yourself with….it might be a famous master painting you were making up.
Art was very high brow and the history of art and its development as an outlet of creativity was really something people attended college to study. Anyhow, Art-Amis was a start for the group that attended, enjoying the pictures and meeting the artists.
Of course, ‘Art’ is a wide topic and at the time, it was us helping promote a few UK artists canvas paintings and us working a bit like a gallery. We Put on a few art events, aimed at bringing like-minded people together around art, collection and conversation.
A thousand words...

Story & Art

The idea of art underpinning a part of human civilisation and it embracing words or music or all manner of performing arts was never a part of Art-Amis in the past.
If an author wrote a story there was sometimes a need to illustrate that story. Indeed in 2008 I launched a sci fi book called Bugz Contact. I briefly asked one of the lead artists featured on our Art-Amis website to illustrate it. The result was a number of drawings depicting the main events in the story. Malcolm Fryer always had a spiritual side to him and he interpreted the story extremely well. Malcolm Fryer interprets and extrapolates the complexity of the BUGZ Contact story.
We learn and develop

Art-Amis Now

It seems fitting that 20 years on we should reappraise what the idea might represent today. For sure the Art-Amis project has to be about people interested in art getting together….impossible in a traditional sense with COVID 19. In this terrible virus outbreak the sense of isolation is more apparent and the way to communicate is digital. The thought of physically getting together is a luxury maybe in the future.
The new Art Amis now is very much about Art in the wider sense… Art-Amis will at the same time focus on the STORY that prompted the art or supports the piece or even influences the written word.
ART AMIS is still about helping art/appreciating art/ expanding one’s own appreciation. It needs some resource to keep it going however.