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Completion of the Falconer / Morningstar trilogy

In the last epic stories I wrote which were set in Rajasthan at the time of the Mughal invasion, I found that the overall story came to a fitting end. Two other characters had emerged in the heat of battle and I do think they might warrant a completely new story…but that is an aside.

As I completed the third story of Adam Falconer & Evelyn Morningstar it occurred to me that I could easily write the next chapter. Of course, it wouldn’t be the next chapter because the overall trilogy ends in a significant world-changing event. So it could easily be one more if not three more stories. Not sure the reader would have the stamina for that ?. This third story does leave you wondering and we might think that it is open to the individual’s interpretation of an ending that is decisive in one sense but also perplexing in another.

Regarding creating the art for the story or vice versa. As I say this idea of the art sometimes leading the story ‘automatically’ might be something the surrealists of the 1920/ 30s might have spoken about. I have found it difficult to capture any scale of drawings since the destruction of my greenhouse studio a year ago. So as I reached the end I did find myself leaning on pictures that are not entirely appropriate. I don’t think the reader will know and their inclusion leaves us with a balance of pictures and text.

Life can be a bit confusing. It contains some fuzzy bits which are not easily explained. So it is with this story…which incidentally also pre-stages a whole new field of scientific theory and exploration. The doors to other realities exist, most people don’t have possession of the keys to open them or the grasp of what it might mean for their lives.

David Jackson