Live to scrawl another day


I often spend a little time in my greenhouse studio before I start the working day. On Monday of this week, I spent an hour attempting to finish my latest worsterpiece.

Wednesday evening was blowing a gale and I did not sleep so well. I could not rouse myself, I was knackered. Anyhow 7.40 am I was about my ablutions and felt this ‘thud’. I looked out the window and at first perceived nothing awry. Then as a cast my eye across the near distance gloom I noticed an odd shape that had not been therefore before. It was the triangular upstanding remnants of my greenhouse studio which had been karate chopped in two by a part of a giant poplar. These pictures give a slight idea of the carnage inside and the stool I occasionally sit on upturned with my easel and new canvas which I had only primed the night before smashed to bits.

As the topic of my recent pictures relates to storms and apocalyptic happenings on this Island of Eden I almost feel that I almost lived or died the pieces I was creating. When you see what part of a tree can do to a brick built solid building you realise that climate change will offer up far more challenges than Covid 19.

Glad to be alive.

But where will I do worsterpiece’s now !!!

David Jackson