Light of Humanity by David Jackson

Light of Humanity in Ukraine

This picture was created with the wide wheat fields of Ukraine in mind. The sun or moon depicted by the spiritual whirlpool radiates life-giving energy to the landscape which is draped with the blue and yellow of Ukraine. The crop of wheat is analogous to the future life and strength of the people whose village has been destroyed by fiery evil. The crosses are haphazardly placed on the ground showing the fight they have put up against the grim reaper that lurks with his scythe in the trees. The road betwixt good and evil is a metaphor for ‘time’ which plays on everything. The road to heaven and hell splits the canvas with its rough track and its primitive telegraph poles.

The contrast in the two worlds on offer to humanity currently with the onset of human-made climate change is also depicted here. The human bodies decay going back to the earth while their spirits take the high road or low. The devil has created ‘hell on earth’ in the village and all nature and man-made structures are burning. The expanding white vortex is a metaphysical portal or gateway which is giving hope of renewal.

The position of the flag which physically is the landscape and the countless wheat husks which outnumber the dead. This picture depicts premature Armageddon while suggesting that nutrients from destruction feed the regrowth of the living. The picture’s complex layers lend each viewer a choice of their own and an interpretation of a future they have collectively in their hands. The relationship between the environment and humanity is writ large in this piece while decrying the monstrous actions of the invader who kills indiscriminately. This picture cry’s out for peace on earth.

The question we must ask? Will Good triumph?.. it is in our hands….the light can only guide,  it can’t intervene.

David Jackson
17th August 2023