Organic writing and art

I like to think lately I am understanding more of my creative strengths and weaknesses. I have always enjoyed travel and my fascination with the Islands has always been evident. I guess it started with an archaeology trip to a little known Samothrace when I was a teenager. Since then you see the influence of the Caribbean, Pacific and Iceland in these pictures. Of course throw in the science, geography, history and my rich imagination and you get the sort of adventure served up here.

Freedom from too much editorial tinkering does get you a product that is additive-free…organic. In this way, the content will be more instinctive…straight from the grey matter to the page. It hasn’t been sanitised. Thinking of my Yorkshire is like eating Haddock and chips out of the paper rather than something deserving a Michelin star. As the author, I would recommend a balanced diet…I think editing/collaboration helps clarity and quality…but can change the flavour.

This early homemade organic writing and art for me is the future…a sort of new movement. It is where my natural creative expression should be. Clearing the mind of channels allows ‘originality’ to take its rightful place….as best as I can achieve anyhow.

David Jackson